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Epoxy & Polyaspartic Color Palettes

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You might wonder how All American Garage Floors may offer more than 200 epoxy and polyaspartic color palettes. The answer is simple: our experienced technicians can customize your floor with our colored vinyl flakes in any design imaginable. Take a look at some of our most popular color combinations below!
Black and white epoxy

Domino Epoxy

Brown, white, and black epoxy

Desert Storm Epoxy

Black, white, and orange epoxy

Harley Epoxy

Gray, white, and black epoxy

Nightfall Epoxy

Gray, white, black, and blue epoxy

Maverick Epoxy

Blue, gray, white, and black epoxy

Orbit Epoxy

Brown, beige, black, and white epoxy

Outback Epoxy

Light gray, Dark gray, and white epoxy

Salt and Pepper Epoxy

Black, white, brown, and beige epoxy

Stonefly Epoxy

White, light gray, and dark gray epoxy

Stonehenge Epoxy

Gray, white, light blue, and dark blue epoxy

Stonewash Epoxy

Dark gray, black, and white epoxy

Wombat Epoxy

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