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You might wonder how All American Garage Floors may offer more than 200 epoxy and polyaspartic color palettes. The answer is simple: our experienced technicians can customize your floor with our colored vinyl flakes in any design imaginable. Take a look at some of our most popular color combinations below!
Wombat Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Great color for the deeper tones of the greyscale. Ranging from white to black with darker grey colors to allow for contrast and variation. Easy to match with every color of wall, but best with lighter colors so the dark nature of this blend is allowed to create the pop and character you are looking for. 
Stonefly Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
A good mix of dark greys and dark browns in this blend of Wombat and Desert Storm. Allows for inclusion of the brown tones, but still primarily comes through as a dark grey which keeps the cool feel of the garage floor typically expected. Best coordinating flake with brick or stonework.
Maverick Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
This blend is a mixture of Wombat and Orbit. A deeper color than Orbit alone, but with less blue included to allow for character in the floor without being overpowering. Perfect for adding the personal touch without too much risk of having a “colorful” floor.
Domino Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
The original garage floor flake color with the classic greyscale combination. Easy to match with any color of wall ,and the balance in colors will contrast well with darker walls or lighter paint colors. This is the most timeless color; it was popular 20 years ago and will be popular 20 years from now.
Orbit Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Classic color with the addition of blue to add flare and character. Color match should be kept in the grey tones to avoid clashing with this color. Our most popular flake incorporating a primary color because it stays on the cool end of the color spectrum which is ideal for a concrete coating.
Stonewash Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Good blend of the lighter tones of the greyscale with variants of light blue mixed in. Best matched with darker colors to complement the color in the flake. Subtle blend that stays close to the original concrete color with some character added by the blues.
Desert Storm Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Ranging from white to black, with darker tans and beige to allow for contrast and variation. Easy to match with anything in the tan tones and with lighter colors on the wall. Perfect flake for deeper warm tones and for coordinating with wood.
Barnwood Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
A chameleon color that hints more to the tan side of the scale. Includes both grey and tan flakes but stays in the warm spectrum. Easy to match with every color of wall and natural tones allow for contrast and coordination with wood, paint, or stone.
Outback Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Great color for a balanced tan and beige spectrum. Ranging from white to black, with lighter tan colors to allow for a bright, warm feel. The beige tones allow for coordination with any of the warmer colors. Woods and natural stone match well with Outback.
Stonehenge Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
A unique blend of light grey flake with individual lines in each flake. Good color for a light garage floor or as an alternative to carpet for a basement floor. A slightly blue tint comes off this flake, so stick to standard tones when choosing paint colors or accent cabinetry.
Creekbed Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Creekbed falls into our “chameleon” colors as it matches with simple greys or beiges. This works well with nearly every other color, and is subtle enough to fade into the background. Easy to match with every color of wall and natural stone. If you want a beautiful floor that doesn’t insist upon itself, this is your color.
Gravel Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake Floor
Great color for the medium tones of the greyscale. Ranging from white up to medium grey, this color is our most subtle and closest to the tone you would expect from your original concrete. Easy to match with most colors, but avoid deep browns and beiges which will clash. 

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